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Slide Lock Install


Slide Lock

A garage slide lock is a simple and effective home security upgrade. Your home's garage door may be a weak spot in your home's security. Garage doors can be quickly and easily opened from the outside with common tools or just a simple hook. Installing a slide lock to your garage door is a simple and effective way to greatly improve the security on your garage door. Call Locksmith Near Me in Florida now for fast and professional garage door lock service.

garage slide lock installation
Installation of a garage slide lock


Types of Slide Locks

What type of slide lock should you install? Many different styles and brands of garage door locks are available. Most people just use our garage door openers to remotely open the garage door. But, a remote doesn't necessarily lock the garage, it just closes the door.  You can install a t-handle lock on your garage with cables connected to side locks. This is a convenient extra level of security enabling the door to be locked with a key and be opened from both inside and outside the garage.

An even quicker and easier option is to install a slide lock (watch video) on the inside of your garage door. This simple type of lock is attached to the inside edge of the garage door next to the garage door track.  A manual flat bolt is then slid through the door track preventing the garage door from being lifted. For added security you can attach a padlock through the bolt preventing the garage door from being lifted even from the inside. This can hinder thieves who may have entered your home, from being able to open the garage from the inside to move items out without the key or use of tools.

how to install a garage slide lock
Video showing how to install a garage door slide lock

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